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About us

Our Story

BTHAWK : Where the word BT stands for Bell Technology and there is a reason that we have used the term HAWK because, Just a way a Hawk keeps a 360 degree eye on every single thing similarly, We keep a 360 degree eye on every financial and accounting complications of the businessmen and the channel partners who are the backbone of a company. With BTHAWK you neither need an accountant nor you need to have a deep knowledge of accounts because we promise to be the support system & helping hand to let you focus on your business. Now, you do not have to rely on those old ragged systems who have never thought of upgrading themselves. India is a gorgeous country with different languages and communities keeping this in mind, we have made our application available in all the languages spoken throughout India. We have not restrained ourselves to a specific industry,instead we are available everywhere example Service, Telecom, Pharma, FMCG Goods, Agro, Mobile store, Electronics, Others, Retail stores, Job work etc. Wherever there is a business, there is a requirement of BTHAWK. Time to stay ahead with BTHAWK. We are there with you holding your hands to take you out of the bog of the compliance issues and make you experience the supremacy in the business.

Key Features

As a team BTHAWK that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

Bills at anyplace, anytime

Auto Tax Calculation

Mobile App Based E-invoice

Order Management

Inventory Management

GST Compliance

Business Reports

Track Salesman Location

Advanced Accounting

Our Mentors

Start working with BTHAWK that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

Dushyant Yadav
Ankush Tambi
Arpit Aeron
Operation Head
Abhishek Sharma
Arpit Tambi
COO-West Bengal
Pooja Thareja
Head HR
Sakshi Gaur
Product Head
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