GST Ready Online Invoicing and Accounting Software India

GST Ready Online Invoicing and Accounting Software India

An instant happened in India at 1 July 2017. GST has been announced in India. It creates a problem for all distributors to show the GST bill and the taxes taken by the customer. To see all these problem Bell Technology make software that reduce the entire problem of distributor. The name of the software is “BTHAWK”. BTHAWK is only GST Solution that release in both English as well as in Hindi languages. It helps the distributor to store their bill for lifetime on server. It provides a safe and secure environment to the data. Whenever distributor wants to access, they can.

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BTHAWK is only Best GST Billing software in India that provides all the functionality that a distributor needed. BTHAWK is a mobile application. It is only for android operating system. Whenever any distributor wants to use BTHAWK software then we provide them FSE file as well as distributor file. Through BTHAWK a distributor can manage entire stock and sell of the day from their shop. They can request for the stock and generate invoice statement. They can generate Best GST Invoice Solution and submit the DSR. We update its functionality according to the requirement of the distributor.

BTHAWK has too much functionality that helps distributor to make their business easy. Distributor gives good feedback for the functionality. We are visiting the market and observe the requirement of distributor. We always update it with new functionality. BTHAWK provide the following functionality to the distributor. These functionalities are mention below:

  1. GST invoice generation
  2. Bill generation
  3. DSR submission
  4. Stock management
  5. Sales management
  6. Stock request
  7. Search party
  8. FSE management
  9. FMCG management

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