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How BTHAWK can help you grow your business ?

  • 14-09-2022

Every growing business needs good accounting software for their accounting problems. BTHAWK can help you with that very well. Just like a doctor, BTHAWK makes the correct diagnosis of your business-related problems, analyses them, and then initiates the process of treating the problem.

BTHAWK is a complete accounting solution to your accounting and business complications.

BTHAWK provides you with complete accounting solutions for your growing business. It provides you with a complete accounting solution to ease your business.

Direct and indirect tax fillings are also done as per regulations. BTHAWK also offers guidance that is required to fulfill all the compliance measures. BTHAWK is one of the best GST billing software which is serving businessmen from all fields and backgrounds. We assist our clients in handling their accounting activities most innovatively and cost-effectively.

BTHAWK is the best distribution tool with 100% retention till now.  BTHAWK provides you with the top features for your growing business.

  • GST Compliance: All the compliance complications of the businessmen will be sorted out. We aim to make our clients satisfied and relaxed from all the compliance complications.
  • Instant invoice generation: Go paperless with us now. Be digital with digitalized India. Stay ahead from paper and pen. Share invoices in one go via Whatsapp, Email, etc in one click and PDF format.
  • Stock management: stock management will also be looked out for by BTHAWK. Your stock will be managed by the software. Which includes stock control, stock expiry, stock notifications, etc. There is a lot of importance of stock control in businesses.
  • Sales tracking: BTHAWK gives you complete access to track your entire sales and go through various dimensions during the sales process. You can track your whole sales like how much your sales you have done on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • DSR Management: Say goodbye to pen and paper because we give you whole access to digitalization. BTHAWK gives you automated DSR maintenance. Now you can manage your daily sales and also analyze your DSR.
  • Collection management: Your daily 2 hrs job managing the collection and checking the records for collection has now been reduced to just 2 minutes. BTHAWK will provide you with the service for managing your whole collection.

BTHAWK makes the correct diagnosis of business-related problems. Just like a hawk keeps an eye on its prey just like that BTHAWK keeps the hawk's eye on your business or accounting-related issues.

Ease your accounts with us.


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