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How BTHAWK can help you in your accounting complications??

  • 30-09-2022

Having trouble handling your business accounts??? Go digital with our compliance services. Say bye to pen and paper and digitalize your accounting work with our best GST billing software.

BTHAWK will provide you with all the solutions for your compliance complications. The best accounting and GST billing software in the market. BTHAWK will help you ease the accounts of your business.

The only leading billing software that provides various accounting solutions for Telecom, Automobile, FMCG, and Pharma.

Also, BTHAWK provides various accounting services.

The accounting services include both registration and compliance services. The registration services include:

  • Udyog Aadhaar Registration service
  • Business Registration Number (BRN)
  • GST Registration online services
  • Import Export Code Registration
  • FSSAI Registration Service
  • Company Registration Service
  • Private Limited Company Registration
  • Limited Liability Company Registration

The various Compliance Services include:

  • GST Filing Service
  • TDS Return Filing Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Income Tax Return Filing
  • Scrutiny Assessment
  • Trade License
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Annual Form Filing

BTHAWK is the best distribution accounting tool with 100% retention till now! Start working with the finest GST billing software and stay ahead of your competitors with more focus on core business. With advanced technology, BTHAWK provides Complete Accounting Solutions for your growing business.

How BTHAWK can help in your business????

Just like a doctor, BTHAWK makes the correct diagnosis of the business-related problems, analyses them, and then initiates the process of treating the problem. BTHAWK is a Complete Accounting Solution for your accounting and business complications. 

BTHAWK is a loyal partner for your business. BTHAWK is one of the best GST billing software available in the market which is serving businessmen from all fields and backgrounds. We assist our clients in handling their accounting activities most innovatively and cost-effectively.

  • Complete accounting solutions for ease of doing business.
  • Direct and Indirect tax filings are done as per regulations.
  • We offer guidance required to fulfill all the compliance measures.

Also, To make the business less complicated BTHAWK has introduced 3 applications:

Admin App and Dashboard- Admin App gives you the supremacy to maintain a hawk's eye on the activities of your FSEs.

  • Prevents stock leakage.
  • Correct tracking of sales.
  • More focus on core business instead of compliance.

FSE App- FSE App helps FSEs to maintain a proper record of their tasks and provides them with hassle-free work.

  • Invoice generation
  • DSR management
  • Collection management

Retailer App- For our retailers, we have made business less complicated by automating everything.

  • Forecasting of business plans.
  • Get complete details of the credit bills of the customers.
  • Works as mini CRM for retailers.

Join BTHAWK today to get the best GST billing and accounting services.

Ease your accounts with us!


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