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  • 17-09-2022

Facing complications related to your business accounts??? Having issues managing your business accounts register??? Then don’t because BTHAWK is with you!!! Don’t get tensed because  BTHAWK is keeping a hawk's eye on all your business complications.

One of the best and leading GST billing software which will provide you with the best accounting solutions and will solve all your business complications.

Getting tired of handling your old big registers for accounts, your cash flow statements, bill books, and many more??

Join BTHAWK today to get relaxed from all these issues and get the best accounting services, GST billing, and ITR filing.

BTHAWK provides you with many business services like:

  1. Registration Services: Our registration services include,
  • Udhyog Aadhar Registration: Udhyog Aadhar is a unique 12-digit government identification number. This scheme was introduced in September 2015. And it is mandatory for micro, small and large businesses.
  • Business Registration Number: This provides a unique identity to your business. It is a 16-digit number that gives a unique identity to business operations. When receiving BRN, the relevant registration authorities will receive all the business activities details that enable easy registration of the firm or institution.
  • GST Registration: It is a process of getting the person’s business incorporated with the government’s indirect tax practices. GST is mainly exercised to obtain TAX margin from the business units upon sales for a particular financial year.
  • Import export code registration: It is a commercial code issued to individuals operating businesses at the international level. It is issued by the Director general of foreign trade.
  • FSSAI Registration service: FSSAI stands for food safety standards and authority of India. It is an organization that monitors the food business in India. It is established under the ministry of health and finance welfare, the government of India, and is an autonomous body. The FSSAI launches under the Food Safety and Standards Act, of 2006.
  • Company registration service:  Company registration is a set up of a new business entity. In India, the ministry of corporate affairs through the Company’s Act, 1956. 2013, and other linked acts, Rules, and Bills. The ministry is involved centrally with the administration of the Company’s Act 2013.
  • Private limited company Registration: A private company is a group of two or more individuals. Who come together with a common perspective of engaging in business to earn money from it. A private is made to fulfill the demands arising out of the market conditions and to derive the expected returns by investing the human and financial capital of the nation.
  • Limited Liability Company Registration: Limited liability partnership (LLP) is a single form of organization that consolidates the characteristics of both partnership firm and company. In 2008, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act was passed in India to regulate LLP.
  1. Compliance Services: Our compliance services include,
  • GST filing service: GST filing is a process of preparing an official document that includes information related to purchases and sales of goods and services of a business unit for a particular financial year. This is required by tax authorities to calculate the net tax liability of the businessmen, while in turn, the businessman applies for a refund over tax paid on goods and services.
  • TDS return filing service: TDS return filing service Tax deduction at source in India is a method of collecting taxes on income, profits, or sales of goods by requiring the taxpayer to deduct the appropriate tax before paying the balance to the payer.
  • Accounting services: Accounting service refers to a collection of a wide range of business practices such as estimating revenues and expenses of a business for a particular year.
  • Income Tax Return Filing: Income Tax Return filing is a process that should be submitted to the Indian Tax Department. It contains information on personal income and taxes to be paid during the year.
  • Scrutiny Assessment:  Under section 143(3) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. It is compulsory for every individual filing an income tax return that the data he has given in the return would be assessed. Scrutiny assessment is the process of conducting a detailed review of the information contained in the income tax return of the taxpayer. It is done to check whether or not such information is based on accurate information given.
  • Trade License: A trade license is simply a license or certificate that permits the applicant to start a business or trade. The license is issued by the state government under the Municipal Act.
  • Digital Signature Certificate: It is a form of pen drive where you need to verify yourself in an electronic format even if you are not available for signing important documents in online way. The website is allowing you to sign a document on a statutory website.
  • Annual Form Filing: Annual filing of the company refers to the process of providing a company’s collection of data relating to a particular financial year to have a detailed address of a company’s work. It has been made mandatory for every Company Registered under The Company’s Act 2013.


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