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Trademark: Its Importance

  • 01-03-2023

Have you ever heard of the term TRADEMARK? Maybe you have, referring to a brand name or something. Yes, you got it right. A trademark is a unique sign which helps in distinguishing the goods and services of one enterprise from that of another. Trademarks are also protected by intellectual property rights.

Trademarks are basically for creating a company’s brand and reputation. It builds trust in people for a particular brand, which enables the business to establish loyalty and also enhances the organization’s goodwill.


So, should your small business have a trademark?

Small business owners always think that this trademark is only for big and large brands and chains. But, you should protect your hard work and brand identity. It is as important as it is for large business enterprises.

A trademark is not only used for the brand name but also it can be for words, sounds, symbols, and even packaging.

A trademark protects your brand identity from your competitors and the ones who want to copy your brand. This also prevents copycats from damaging your business reputation.


What is the process of getting a trademark?

Some small business entrepreneurs back off from the particular process as they think it is complex. But it is rather straightforward. It is better to apply for the official process of registration rather than face a hard battle.

The first step tells you to search for what you want to trademark. This search leads you to know if your idea has been taken or used before or not. You’ll need to search the USPTO searchable database to know that the wanted trademarked item is not only listed or trademarked by any other business enterprise.

The second step tells us to apply for FTP (Federal Trademark Protection). The USPTO online application site lets you apply for FTP online directly from the website. Also, a fee will be assessed in the application process.

The third and last step is approval!!

When your trademark application is approved, you’ll get all the legal rights to use that trademark. Also, there will be a public notice that you’ve claimed for the trademark.

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