BTHAWK A Live Business Tracking Software

BTHAWK A Live Business Tracking Software

In the fierce competition of GST Billing software, none is there who can provide real-time stock management software. Tracking of business through a spreadsheet, Excel and other software solution becomes an outdated trend and managing the business with creating DSR every day is such a tedious job for the distributors/dealers. As you all know and heavily affected because of implementation of GST, which creates too many discrepancies and difficulties in management. A number of GST and Billing software are there who provide services for GST Billing but none of them offers live Business tracking solution. Don’t worry we are to help you to provide a complete Business management module with advanced GST Billing management feature. We at Bell technology developed a module including top qualities features and services to make your life easy and smooth. Most of the dealer run their business with the support of only accounting software but BTHAWK brings limitless services at best affordable charges. BTHAWK enables you to track and manage your whole business along with solving the problem of DSR generation, Bill Book maintenance, sales, and purchase record management in real-time and every time. It means it provides consistency and increased speed in generating DSR, Creating GST report, generating bills for sales in cash or credit and many more. By continuously tracking your livestock it provides your detailed report for sales, purchase and stops stock leakage.

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We continuously evolve this real-time business tracking dealer management software and incorporate new feature as per analyzing your requirement like:

  • Easy Recharge
  • GST Billing with high accuracy
  • Integrated Bill Book generation and management in real-time
  • DSR Generation on the go
  • No need for any other software
  • No need for computer operator

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