BTHAWK A Real Time Business Tracking GST Software

BTHAWK A Real-Time Business Tracking GST Software

Are you the one who struggles in business because of GST Implementation. Are you looking for the something that can resolve your distribution management issues? If you answer is yes then this is the time of moving to the digital world of BTHAWK. There many of the people who have no idea about GST and still trying to getting the concept of GST.  Implementation of GST affects many of the business of every field directly or indirectly. Bell Technology gradually designed and developed software to provide you world class best GST accounting and Billing software in a single module.

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Those are the gone days when a business owner relies on the paper-based manual methodology to handle the account, taxes, billing, sales/purchase or inventory management. In few decades we at Bell Technology created a solution for you and you’re all FSE by which you can manage your entire business along with total number of FSE as well your stock and sell in credit or cash on real time.

Business accounting is an important component for all type of business. And if you want to record your all business transaction and manage your sell and purchase digitally on real-time then BTHAWK is the only solution which can make you master of your business and allows you to handle your day to day work, inventory, sells/purchase, billings in credit or cash, FSE and can generate DSR of each day on the go.  You can also calculate GST of each month and can make billing of each month without the help of anyone.