BTHAWK A Real Time Dealer Management Software

BTHAWK A Real-Time Dealer Management Software


A real-time Wholesale Distribution Software means a system which can process from buying to selling stock and maintaining stock to submitting tax report. Managing and tracking of business using paper-based tradition are not possible. BTHAWK Dealer Management Software is more robust more flexible, easy to understand and easy to use dealer management system for any wholesaler or for their FSE. We at Bell Technology designed and developed a real conceivable benefit to a wholesaler like help to break stock leakage problem, billing management problem, bill book problem, Daily sales report generation and ++. BTHAWK consist of master features to enable to concentrate on business and development of strategies to bloom in business rather than doing work through the manual work process.

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  • BTHAWK provides a good managerial tool as well as provide sales report, a bill of credit or cash and more accurate business data to improve quality of services.
  • It helps you to track your business and your field sales executive in real time.
  • The various modules like sales, purchase, stock management, accounting, challan management, order management and ++ are integrated with this real-time cost-effective GST billing software.
  • No literacy required to use this smartphone app because it is also available in Hindi.
  • Allows you to reduce difficulties face because of handwritten work from purchase to sell.
  • Purely customize tool as per your requirement and can be usable from anywhere.
  • Share bill, DSR, GST report using WhatsApp or another messaging app directly through the best competitive Dealer management software i.e. BTHAWK.  Read More: