What is BTHAWK ?

BTHAWK is a GST billing software. BTHAWK also provides complete accounting solutions for your growing business. .

Why do we need BTHAWK ?

Because BTHAWK makes the correct diagnosis of the business related problems and provides the solutions. BTHAWK is the loyal partner for your business.

How is BTHAWK helpful to businessmen ?

BTHAWK provides Complete Accounting solution to your accounting and business complications. BTHAWK pays utmost attention towards client’s satisfaction. .

Is BTHAWK a mobile based or a windows based software ?

Yes, BTHAWK is both mobile based and windows based software.

What is the real pain of businessmen and channel partners ?

Inventory management, maintain data. They are not able to maintain sales and purchase data.

Why you should use BTHAWK as your GST billing software ?

GST compliance, Instant Invoice Generation, stock management, sales tracking, DSR management, collection management.

How can you get a demo of BTHAWK ?

Our business team assign demo for the client or you can assign your own demo through login page.

How is your data secure with BTHAWK ?

We have a cloud based software which store and secure your data in the cloud.

What is the difference between BTHAWK and other accounting software ?

BTHAWK is the best distribution accounting tool with 100% retention till now. BTHAWK keeps the 360 degree eye on every complications and problems of the businessmen and channel partners.

BTHAWK provide solutions for ? BTHAWK provide solutions for ?

BTHAWK provides solutions for FMCG, Telecom, Pharma, Automobile..

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