GST Billing Software Master Solution for Problems

GST Billing Software Master Solution for Problems

Everyone wants to have their own business where they can process each work with minimum investment and desire to get maximum throughput. But in reality, business holders have to invest more in terms of time and money for smaller profit just because of traditional working style i.e. pen and paper.

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For newer business and startups, it becomes impossible to do business with numerous types of paperwork and taxation.  In this age, each of the distributors faces trouble in the management of sales, purchase, bill book, FSE, daily sales report and of course the new tax structure GST. Numerous types of software’s are available who promised you to resolve your problem but at the end, they failed to fulfil your needs. Some billing software already exists in the market that provides a desktop based solution and offers a limited number of services.

But now to resolve you’re all kind of sleekness we at Bell technology designed and developed Best Dealer management software called BTHAWK. It’s an online real-time masterpiece for all type of distributors or dealers. A best-customized user-friendly fully automated Best GST billing software that can smooth your entire working style. With this Wholesale distribution software, you can manage and track your entire business with 100% accuracy and in the minimized time frame. The best competitive world-class purely customized handpicked features of this dealer management software are as follows:

  • Party management
  • Sale and purchase management
  • Cash and credit management without any bill book
  • Stock tracking in real time
  • GST challan Generation within one minute
  • DSR submission within one minute
  • FSE tracking
  • Stop leakage of stocks
  • Transparency throughout business
  • No requirement of Accountant and Clerk
  • Easy to use and easy to understand
  • Instant invoice generation

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