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GST Registration Online Services

GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration is the process of getting a person’s business incorporated with the government’s indirect tax practices where businesses have to give complete details relating to purchases and sales to the government to appraise the government of the flow in the economy across the business world in the nation. GST is mainly exercised to obtain TAX margin from the business units upon sales for a particular financial year. In GST, while taxpayers pay GST, they are authorized to claim a return upon it.

Payments and refunds can be exercised through the GST registration process that is done on

the Government of India Goods and Services Tax Online Portal. By this tax, processes will be executed on time.

Benefits of Online GST Registration

  • The foremost benefit the owner gets is they don’t need to visit any proper place; it is done online.
  • You would avail of this with minimum cost.
  • Persons can select the service of their own choice.
  • The application process is easy and simple.
  • Limitless applications can be processed at a time.
  • Owners get facilities of tax composition scheme and entrance to other related options.

Eligibility for GST Registration

  • Individuals who were registered under the previous Tax Laws such as (sales tax, excise duty, customs duty, etc.).
  • Normally, it is imposed on every businessperson whose annual turnover exceeds Rs 20,00,000 for goods. 
  • States from northeastern states, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand have to pay GST on the annual turnover of Rs 10,00,000.
  • Residents of India, as well as non-residents, can apply for GST registration.
  • Small, medium, and large enterprises, all can opt for it Offline and e-commerce traders.

It can be done through online and offline modes.

The online mode would be 

  • Apply for registration by clicking on click here

Offline mode is also available, but online registration tends to be speedy.

If you are about to register for GST, BTHAWK is the solution where you can apply without any concern.


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