Business Registration Number (BRN)

It enables the organisation to have a special identity for their business. Regulation authorities receive all the details of business activities online and enable registration through an easy process.

Procedure to Apply for BRN Number

1. To get Business Registration No. (BRN) for Institution/Firm, Click on Apply BRN. If you want to apply BRN for NGO/Voluntary Organization, then click on Apply BRN (For NGO).

2. Please use own Mobile Number/e-mail. Do not use Mobile/email of eMitra or any other person otherwise issued BRN will be treated for that person. If applying BRN through Aadhaar Number, then use Mobile number registered in Aadhaar.

3. Before filling application for BRN, please read BR tutorial

4. In the identification Particulars, information related to the status of Institution/Firm to be provided.

5. Identity proof/Aadhaar No/Bhamashah Card No. should be given of resident/owner only.

6. If Aadhaar/Bhamashah is given in applicant details, some information is auto filled (non-editable) and rest information is to be filled. ID Proof image should be upto 100 KB and Signature image should be upto 50 KB. Image name should not contains dot(.) or special characters (like #,$,&). Only jpg/jpeg type image should be uploaded in ID proof and signature.

7. In the Name & Address of Business Place of Enterprise/Firm, only Institution/Firm information should be provided.

8. If Name & Address of Head Office is available, then only it should be filled, otherwise leave it blank.

9. In the description of Major Activity, fill the relevant work of Institution/Firm. Before filling the activity, click on Activity Code listto see the list of activities. In case of any confusion, please contact toll free No. 18001806785 or numbers given in contact Us section.

10. Please provide, actual no. of workers including owner. Normally, one Institution/Firm does not have thousands of workers, if this is the case, please clarify in the remarks column.

11. Please choose correct ownership code, if you choose others, clarify in the remarks column.

12. Existing/Proposed Investment is required to be filled in lakhs Rupees.

What is a BRN Number?

Whereas assigning Business Registration Number (BRN) and Principal Economic Activity Code by National Industrial Classification-2008 (All Economic Activities) to the already established enterprises/firm or entrepreneur who wish to establish any enterprise/firm in the state is considered important to develop a frame of establishments, commonly known as Business Register of all sub-sector such as trade, hotels, restaurants, transport, communication, real estate. Legal & business services, industry, factories and all other activities engaged in the production of goods and services that add value to the state income, District Business Register serve as a useful tool for creation of district level statistical information and also a establish frame for conducting sector wise surveys time to time.

All the entrepreneur of enterprises/firms gets 16 digit Business Registration Number by filling up Business Registration form which contains the legal Name, Entity Type, Main Business Address with Proof etc. Then the entrepreneur of enterprises/firms can submit prescribed application for registration with related registering authority. All the entities already registered, before issuing date of this notification is obtain a Business Registration Number by the prescribed process. Now, therefore by this notification the state government is hereby pleased to direct all the state registering authorities and other establishments including electricity/water supply authorities/local bodies/ municipalities etc. to incorporate the 16 digit Business Registration Number on prescribed application while accepting application for registration/ renewal and for other related works by the all entrepreneurs. This notification is applicable on Indian Companies Act-1956 (Central Act No. 1/1956), Factories Act-1948 (Central Act No. 63/1948), Shop & Commercial Establishment Act-1958, Society Registration Act-1958, Cooperative Society Act-2001, Khadi & Village Industries Board, District Industries Centre (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act-2006) etc. and will be applicable on establishments/ enterprises to be registered under other acts.

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