Trade License

It is essential for every business that carries out trade or business needs to have a trade license. You need to get this registration done at the local municipality. A trade license is valid for a year and you have to renew it after it expires.

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What is a Trade License?

A place of business within a State, Corporation or Municipality will require a trade license from the concerned State Government or Corporation or Municipality for operating. Rules and regulations pertaining to trade license varies from state to state. Hence, to obtain trade license, the applicant must first understand the jurisdiction under which he/she is operating the business and the applicable Act.

In most states, the application for grant or renewal of license will be made to a Commissioner in the Corporation. The application must be made within 30 days of starting to operate a business. On applying with the required information and documents, the concerned Officer will ensure that the business is suitable for the purpose used, there is no possibility of danger or nuisance for any person around and issue the license. Trade license would normally be issued within a period of 7-15 days on submission of application.