Simplify Your Business Using the Best GST Accounting Software BTHAWK

In the recent world, every person wants to work online. All the distributors want to manage their entire account online. It is not easy to manage entire account by a distributor because most of the distributor has no any idea about the account. They want an easy, effective and efficient solution that can store their entire data online on the server. They need a solution that can manage account as well as their stock. “BTHAWK” is an android app that can manage entire requirements of the distributor.

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BTHAWK is the best GST accounting software in India. It is developed by Bell Technology. BTHAWK is the first android app that is in Hindi as well as English. The distributor who does not know English can work on it in Hindi. It is usability software. It is easy and smooth in use. It provides GST solution, DSR solution, FSE solution, Stock management and Account management. BTHAWK is perfect GST accounting software. BTHAWK is compatible with all version of android mobile. BTHAWK help the distributor to create simple GST invoicing and report for the business.

BTHAWK provides a lot of functionality to their distributor. BTHAWK user can easily manage the stock, request for the stock, manage the account, create GST invoice, submit DSR, view sales, add a party, purchase order request, search party, FSE management, FMCG management and many more thing. The features of BTHAWK are following:

  1. GST invoice generation
  2. Bill generation
  3. DSR submission
  4. Stock management
  5. Sales management
  6. Stock request
  7. Search party
  8. FSE management
  9. FMCG management
  10.  Account management
  11.  Purchase order request

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