Digital Signature Certificate

Let’s understand DSC

Digital Signature Certificate is a form of pen drive where you need to verify yourself in an electronic format even if you are not available for signing important documents in an online way. The website is allowing you to sign a document on statutory website.

Advantages of DSC:

  1. Document authenticity
  2. The sender of the message is real.
  3. Message cannot be altered.
  4. Versatile: as compared to the traditional format.
  5. No false signature.
  6. Available only with the signer.
  7. Require permission from the owner before signing.
  8. Unique digital identity
  9. Agreements and transactions once signed on paper are electronically available.
  10. Different person different algorithm concept.
  11. Trusted service provider provides DSC.
  12. Same value as hand signatures
  13. Saves time
  14. Better customer experience
  15. Legal validity which consists of PIN and password.
  16. DSC once prepared can be used for the future. 
  17. Business efficiency 

Documents required for class 3 DSC-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Passport Size Picture
  • Email I’d
  • Contact Number

To Complete your DSC process you have to complete a video & OTP Verification.

Contact “BTHAWK Team” for further process.

“DSC: A source of security which is authentic and comes from verified source”.  


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